#ThrowbackThursday – Kirkstall Abbey



Happy Thursday!

Edited Photo miller sucre

We wanted to look back to last week, 1st May, where we had our very first stall at Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds.

Although the weather may not have been as ideal as it is today, with the sun shining bring and the temperature at its peak in May, we had a lovely time.

Our 10ft table was graced with the treats and drinks we created, some of which being our signature cakes.

From gingerbread men to victoria sponge cakes, macaroons and our raspberry and white chocolate cookies, and our specialty raspberry and pistachio cake, there was plenty to go around and potentially feed the entire abbey.

another miller sucre

Although the day may not have had the pleasure of nice weather, the atmosphere of the abbey and the people who came out and enjoyed the day with us made up for it completely.

Now it’s time to prepare for the next stall, the bank holiday Monday, 27th May.

Wish us luck!

Patricia and Rachel



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