Guilt Free Vegan Chocolate Cake

IMG_2475Many people tend to assimilate the vegan lifestyle with no flavour, no fun and no chocolate. We were also of that belief until we accidently stumbled upon this recipe.

Coated with a coconut chocolate cream and filled with dairy-free chocolate chips, this vegan chocolate cake is far from it. Trust us, you’ll be sure to know vegan recipes can also deliver flavour without so much guilt as long as you follow some easy guidelines.

We used a standard cake mix recipe, minus the egg, substituting some ingredients for vegan friendly alternatives.

We used regular plain flour, as with most of our cake recipes. We substituted the butter and margarine for vegetable oil in order to prevent using dairy, as well as swapping semi-skimmed milk for soya milk.

Our vegan chocolate cake alongside a raspberry and pistachio cake

In order to make the “buttercream” without the butter, we used coconut milk. The canned milk was left to chill in the fridge for 24 hours, after which the water and the cream separated from each other in the can. The cream alone was then whipped up with icing sugar and cocoa powder, ready to coat the cake.

The coconut cream is versatile once whipped. Don’t worry if you see white flexs poking through the cocoa cream; the natural coconut has a tendency to rise to the surface.

The secret to a good vegan cake is mastering the texture. In order to keep the cake as moist as it can possibly be, incorporate dairy-free chocolate chips or chocolate chunks within the actual mix. This allows the cake to maintain moist and resembles the texture of a traditional cake mixture.

Passion PR
Passion PR

It was then decorated with fresh strawberries and delivered to hungry students of Leeds Trinity University as a thank you gesture for working alongside us to improve our business, Miller Sucré.

Patricia and Rachel


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