#TBT Dublin Food Discoveries


A few weeks ago, mum and I went for a short 2 day trip to Dublin. Having never visited Ireland before, our expectations of the city were neither high nor low. We were excited to discover new places to eat, see the sights Dublin has to offer and have a relaxing couple of days ahead of our busy Bank Holiday Weekend in Leeds.

Our first venture was Keoghs Cafe. This particular cafe was recommended on TripAdvisor as a great budget option and that’s exactly where we headed for brunch, just after the 747 airlink bus brought us to Dublin from the airport. It was full of locals which is always a sign that the food is good! They are best known for their scones which looked divine however we opted for something warm!
An omelette from Keoghs Cafe
One thing I noticed about Dublin was the people drinking Irish coffee rather than Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero. For every Starbucks cup spotted I saw 3 Keogh’s or other Irish coffee cup which I thought was really cool!

KC Peaches.JPG

Our first venture was KC Peaches. My favourite colour is blue so I was instantly enticed in by the sign. On the outside it looks like it’s solely a bakery because of all the goodies in the window but as we stepped inside we were surprised by an all-you-can-eat buffet alongside the sweet delicacies. It was super-tasty!

The way the buffet works is pretty simple: you choose your plate size and pile on the food to your heart’s content. The prices range from €6.95 for a small plate to €9.95 for a large plate.


The interior of KC peaches exudes a totally relaxed vibe. The high ceiling and low drop light fixtures add an indie feel to the mainly wooden furniture and the spacious aisle in the middle creates a relaxed ambience amongst the whole cafe. IMG_2166

I chose to go for a large plate but may not have filled it out to its full capacity. I like to taste each individual flavour in a particular dish so I try to aim for the food not to touch in buffet-style restaurants.

The lasagne was amazing. You could taste the red wine in the sauce which added to the depth of flavour from the tomatoes. The meat was well seasoned and complimented the flavours of the sauce, making it so enjoyable to eat.

The chicken had a garam masala base with some Thai seasoning and fresh chillies. Its added a level of heat to the chicken which was then cooled down by the lemon and herb penne. The pasta didn’t have too much flavour however it was a good accompaniment with the highly seasoned meat sides.  The pork belly alongside the pasta was great – sweet and tender but not overly sticky.


I’m usually known for picking a chocolate pudding over a fruit based dessert. Strawberry flavoured desserts have left me hugely disappointed in the past but this one is a sure 50/10. The tart had a crème pâtissière middle and was very light after such a huge, carb heavy plate of food. The flaked almonds on top added a crunch while the strawberries added a freshness and balanced the crème pâtissière filling.

Mum had the hazelnut chocolate tart. The tart had a short pastry base, followed by a hazelnut cake in the middle with a chewy layer of chocolate on top. Unlike the Irish Strawberry Tart, this tart felt much more heavy and dense, likely to do with the chocolate filling. The hazelnut came through nicely and was a sure combination winner with the chocolate. The tarts were sold for around €3 each, which given the 50/10 score was definitely worth it.

KC Peaches also offers great, unconventional vegetarian/vegan dishes – no aubergine bakes here.


Lastly, we stopped off at Il Fornaio for a quick sweet treat. The shop window alone is so eye catching it made us stop in our tracks.These guys are a traditional Italian Patisserie/bakery that offer a mouth-watering selection of home-baked pastries, pies and desserts so . We actually asked the waitress if there was anywhere to sit to enjoy the bakes but the cafe isn’t expanding into restaurant territory for a little while yet. If you’re paying Dublin a visit stop by and treat yourself on your way to Dublin Castle or Trinity College Library.

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