#FBF Weekend in Cambridge

2017-05-14 19.50.14-2 (2)Reminiscing on 2017, there have been many stand out moments throughout the year.

One I particularly look back fondly on is my trip to Cambridge, visiting my dear friend Allison.

I arrived in Cambridge on a balmy Saturday evening in the late summer of ’17. Having taken the train from Leeds to Peterborough, my journey was fairly quick and smooth. Less than 2 hours later, I was sat in Allison’s car, on our way to her home in a nearby town.

2017-05-14 19.10.30-2We took it easy on the Saturday, spending the day catching up with each other and enjoying each other’s company. Allison took it upon herself to make us a lovely dinner of real, authentic Mexican fajitas. We washed that down with a Chai tea and called it a day.

Thankfully, the English weather was a joy on the Sunday and allowed us to go ahead with our plans for the day.

We started off the day by going to an early Sunday service. With the weather being as good as it was, it was a joy to start the day off on such a positive note. We then took a leisurely stroll through Cambridge, leading us to the market stalls.

2017-05-14 16.17.23-2_1.jpgWe like to support other businesses similar to Miller Sucré and so checking out the markets in the heart of Cambridge was an ideal way to spend the early afternoon. The bakes at the stalls were fresh and tasted lovely. The baked cheesecake we tried was superb and a perfect snack ahead of our filling dinner later on in the day.

2017-05-14 19.08.56

Punting on the River Cam would be an activity I would recommend for all. It was a calming afternoon filled with green scenery all thanks to the time of year. In winter, however, it may not be the best of ideas. It allowed Allison and I to catch up some more without the distractions of everyday life. It was a good job we didn’t overindulge on the treats earlier in the afternoon, otherwise the punting may have been a disaster.

We ended the afternoon with a Thai feast. With Thai food being one of my favourites, I was quite excited to try some of the dishes Cambridge has to offer. Although the food was spectacular and very well cooked, the one element of the meal that left an unusual taste in my mouth was the deeply rooted drink. Having purchased the drink, I already had some reservations with the flavourings being ginger, chilli and fennel. I can assure you that the combination of ingredients in the liquid was not complementary and tasted more like garlic and ginger water. I would certainly give that one a miss. We replaced the odd concoction with a Thai iced tea which was delicious and much more agreeable with our palettes.

I look back fondly on this day in ’17 and hope to visit Allison again this year.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2018!



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