Chanel Cake

Recently, we had the pleasure of creating another one of our specialty request cakes for a lady’s 50th birthday.

After finding out about the client’s love for the Chanel no 5 perfume, that became the inspiration and so we made the Chanel no 50 cake for this very special birthday.

We decorated the cake with rose flowers and kept the overall theme of pastel pink, with a touch of colour here and there.

It came out lovely and we had a very happy customer on our hands.

We combined all of the ingredients for the mixture and whisked it on a medium speed using our kitchen aid. Once baked, we left the sponge to cool down completely, approximately 3 hours.

We then cut the cake into 3, adding buttercream in between in order to add flavour and keep the cake glued together.

We then crumb coated the whole cake, the name for the first layer of buttercream. We kept the buttercream flavouring quite simple, vanilla, in order to Not overpower it with sweetness ahead of the sugar flowers and Chanel casing.

We made the flowers, roses and carnations, using Renshaws flower and modelling paste. We also used the modelling paste to make the finer details of the bottle, such as the bottle top and Chanel perfume label. The bevelled corners of the perfume and the bottle lid give the cake a sense of class and timelessness.

We were very pleased with the result, as was our client.

Until next time,

Tricia & Rachel


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